Detergent ten brands list

now people’s living conditions are good, oil and water more, cleaning utensils when there is no detergent is almost impossible, so it gave birth to a large number of good brand detergent market. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten brands of detergent, so that you can choose a better detergent brands based on such a list.

detergent ten brands list NO.1, Liby: national protection of trademarks, national high-tech enterprises, the leading brand of domestic chemical industry, one of the market competitiveness of the brand, Guangzhou Liby Enterprise Group Co. ltd..

detergent ten brands list, NO.2 white: Sino foreign joint ventures, China national brand, trademark protection, high-tech enterprise, Shanghai famous trademarks, ten detergent brands, Shanghai Hutchison WhiteCat co..

detergent ten brands list NO.3, Amway and life: in 1959, the largest direct selling enterprises, one of the largest private enterprises in the United States, reputable multinational companies, Amway (Chinese) Commodity Co. ltd..

detergent ten brand list: NO.4, China Diaopai enterprise 500, Zhejiang famous brand, national trademark protection, China brand, industry iconic brand, washing products industry leading enterprises, Zhejiang Naaisi group.

detergent ten brands list NO.5, R & F: famous trademark in Guangdong Province, won the China brand, high-tech enterprises, the domestic chemical industry, large-scale backbone enterprises, Guangzhou Lonkey industrial Limited by Share Ltd.

detergent ten brands list NO.6, Qiqiang: national trademark protection, won the China brand, large state-owned listed companies, leading enterprises in the domestic detergent industry, chemical industry group Limited by Share Ltd.

detergent ten brand list: NO.7, a global top 500 enterprises, household cleaning and personal care is one of the world’s largest consumer company, industry famous brand, Reckitt Benckiser (Chinese) Co. ltd..

detergent ten brands list NO.8, Transfar: national protection of trademark, Chinese won the famous brand, famous brand in Zhejiang Province, washing supplies industry well-known brands, high-tech enterprises, Hangzhou Transfar Co. ltd..

detergent ten brands list NO.9, one mother: Wiley’s well-known chemical detergent brands, high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province, the domestic washing industry leading enterprises, Wiley (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

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