Qantas staff smooth on turbulent flight

first_imgTerrified passengers onboard a Qantas flight from London on Sunday that hit a pocket of turbulence have praised staff for their response.The flight experienced severe turbulence on route to Singapore when many passengers were walking freely through the plane.  Four people were hospitalised and others left injured according to ABC News.Passengers said the seatbelt sign was activated only moments before the A380 dropped violently, and those who were strapped in also became airborne.”It was pretty scary. We literally went up to the roof. Many people weren’t in seatbelts,” one passenger said.”Everything went flying high in the air, and for those that were in the loos, their heads hit the ceiling, so a bit scary,” another passenger said.Passengers praised the staff who were quick to check on the safety of passengers and calm everyone down. The captain is also reported to have come out and speak to everyone individually, talking to the children onboard about what happened and why. The plane remained in Singapore overnight with passengers put up in accommodation before continuing on to Sydney. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: K.Wlast_img

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