Boeing 787 Dreamliner visits Sydney

first_imgThe Qantas group, celebrating its 91st birthday, welcomed the Boeing 787 Dreamliner to Sydney today.  With 50 Dreamliner’s on order Jetstar will be the first to take delivery of the new aircraft in mid 2013 followed by Qantas from 2014 onwards.The Dreamliner represents the next generation of aircraft technology; it offers 20% greater fuel efficiency, lower operating costs and a better customer experience said Qantas CEO Alan Joyce.Qantas and Boeing have over 50 years of history together. Boeing used to fly as an airline and Qantas used to build its own aircraft though today we both specialise in what we do well. The history of our relationship has always been a game changer since 1959 with the delivery of the first Boeing 707. That transformed air transportation; it made air travel more economic for the masses said Mr Joyce.Bruce Buchanan Jetstar’s CEO reaffirmed Mr Joyce’s comments saying the Dreamliner would give Jetstar the competitive edge and help keep fares low. The Dreamliner is a watershed product that will change the industry and we are pleased to be the first low cost carrier in the world to introduce the 787 into their fleet and the first Australian airline.Boeing Chief Project Engineer Michael Sinnett and his team have spent the last two years proving the aircraft will do everything we said it will do. It’s a very unique milestone to bring the 787 into service with its 30% lower maintenance costs. These savings are due to the airplane being largely constructed of carbon fiber, which is a very efficient structural system, it takes a lot of weight off the aircraft and enabled us to build more aerodynamic wings. Because carbon fibre doesn’t corrode or fatigue like metal does the fuselage can be pressurised to higher levels, we can carry more oxygen, more humidity which will make passengers feel better said Mr Sinnett.The B787 will visit Melbourne tomorrow on the second leg of its Australian tour.Click here to view photo gallery on ETB News Facebook page Source = e-Travel Blackboard: R.M Qantas CEO Alan Joycelast_img

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