PS Vita TV is not coming to US or Europe

first_imgIf you were excited about the idea behind the PS Vita TV and you live in the US or Europe, you may have to start looking at what it will take to import one.Sony’s announced the PS Vita TV with very little in the way of theatrics, but the reaction was nothing short of explosive. A set top box that offered select PS Vita games that were playable with a DualShock 3 controller and access to digital streaming services for $100 is a win for everyone involved, not to mention instantly competing with the likes of Roku and Apple TV. The only thing that could possibly go wrong here is if Sony decided that they weren’t going to even try to sell the device in the US or Europe, and to instead focus on Japan, China, and South Korea.Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House recently spoke on the future of the PS Vita TV and explained that there are no current plans to bring Vita TV to the US or Europe, a curious decision considering the company isn’t planning to bring the PS4 to Japan until February of 2014.House explained that the Vita TV will be launched in Japan first since they have no clear leader in streaming media devices, and the hope is Sony would becomes that leader. With a strong foothold in Japan, Sony may decide to expand to other markets, but that is pure speculation at this point.It seems unlikely that Sony is concerned about the entrenched US market when it comes to streaming video services or some concern that the PS Vita TV would cannibalize PS Vita sales, but it is certainly possible. Sony is pushing quite hard to increase the adoption rate of the PS Vita in the US, having recently dropped the price of both the console and the memory cards alongside their push to use the Vita with the PS4 at launch.If we ever see the PS Vita TV on shelves in the US or Europe, it will be a long time from now it seems.last_img

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