Car beauty shop decoration should pay attention to what

car beauty shop can provide a lot of beauty services for our car, and now with the increase in the number of cars, this project has been a lot of consumers love and attention. If you want to open a car beauty shop, in the decoration of the need to pay attention to what ah? Xiao Bian introduced.

automotive beauty shop decoration recommendations:

first, combined with the regional automotive beauty services market, to determine the size and objectives of the store from the store. Attention should be paid to the car beauty shop car wash service environment, the best shape should be beautiful and generous, and adapt to the needs of the development of services. Automotive beauty shop decoration need to pay attention to? The automobile cosmetology store decoration construction site must conform to the hygiene standards (city clean, tidy and beautiful), and avoid the influence of the surrounding residents. Car beauty shop car wash design and investment intentions, and its development program for project supervision. Automotive beauty shop water, electricity pipe should be more than one meter from the ground to ensure safety.

two, chain store building is a part of city construction, he should be conducive to the city landscape and tidy streets, and coordination with the surrounding environment, achieving overall harmonious effect; automotive beauty shop decoration what needs attention? On the other hand, the chain store architectural style and store business objectives, business policy in line with the unique personality of the enterprise. Large and medium-sized car beauty shop should also be equipped with 1-2 square meters of toilet.

three, the appearance of the shop style must be consistent with the content of the business, to be able to highlight the characteristics of their industry and grade. Such as: operating convenience stores is not necessary decoration is very luxurious, he needs to create more to customers in general are warm, concise and lively feeling. In order to operate high-grade commodities as a chain of policy, it must be in the appearance of more effort. Automotive beauty shop decoration need to pay attention to? At present, there are some errors in the chain store processing in appearance is: This is to rely on a large number of low price sales of the store, the decoration standard is too luxurious, so that consumers feel the price is very high, but scared away their main customers. This is a lot of supermarkets in Shanghai into a boutique shop, brand shop on the lessons, particularly profound.

four, the appearance of the store is the place where the store can be clearly seen by pedestrians. Automotive beauty shop decoration need to pay attention to? As the store’s appearance in the chain store operations play a promotional function, so the requirements of the appearance of the decoration so that consumers can see that this is a kind of what kind of store, is a shop selling goods. In order to achieve this requirement, the chain store exterior decoration, must focus on the chain store image recognition mark.

in the past, store exterior decoration is how to design and make signs. With the advance of science and technology, people now use the building itself from its appearance

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