Google Doodle celebrates Earth Day

first_imgToday is Good Friday, and the start of the Easter weekend. It’s also another excuse for Google to put out a new Google Doodle, and this year the focus is on the all important Earth Day which is also being celebrated today.If you visit the Google search homepage today you will be presented with a very earthy interactive doodle instead of the more typical Google logo. The logo is in there, but you have to look very hard to see it. Me? I’d rather interact with the pandas, flying bird, jumping penguin, and roaring lion all present in the scene. And don’t forget the butterfly, koala, frog, jumping fish and hungry bear.AdChoices广告Earth Day was first introduced on April 22, 1970 primarily focusing on the United States, but it was later expanded to be an international day in 1990. The point of the day is to remind us of our natural environment, educate us, and hopefully spur us on to do something good for the environment around us.So whatever you are doing today, and over this holiday weekend, try and do something a little extra if you can for the environment. Here’s a few simple and easy-to-do suggestions:Reuse your shopping bags if you go to the storeTurn the tap off while brushing your teethTurn the temperature down when washing your clothesRecycle any bottles, cans, paper and cardboard you have in the houseTurn off lights and gadgets when not using themGo for a walk or bike ride rather than a driveSwitch out your light bulbs for energy saving alternativesPlant a tree, or add some more plants to your garden (insect friendly ones if you can)Turn your heating down by a degree or twoDon’t buy fish unless its from a sustainable sourceSwitch your lunch bag for a lunchboxTo find out more about Earth Day, and what you can do to help protect the environment, visit the Earth Day Networkvia Googlelast_img

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