957 Zettabytes of Data Consumed a Year Study

first_imgThat number comes from a study conducted by UC San Diego researchers. It’s the number they believe was consumed online in the year 2008. And that number may actually be a bit low, as it doesn’t take into account data passing through private servers.AdChoices广告 Between all of the silly call videos and herbal Viagra ads, we consume an absurd amount of data on a regular basis. Attempting to contemplate just how much seems a rather mindboggling task. Thankfully, we now have a mindbogglingly large number to aid in that task. 9.57 zettabytes–9,570,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes is passed through the world’s 27 million servers.That breaks down to 3TB per year for each of the world’s 3.18 billion workers.last_img

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