This Weeks Best YouTube Videos Minecarts Proposals Mario Kart and Inappropriate Staring

first_imgLast weekend was Valentine’s Day, which guarantees that at least one of this week’s best and most popular videos was a marriage proposal. What you might not know is that the marriage proposal that got the most attention was inside a video game. Don’t worry, she said yes. Also among the best this week – more than one crew armed with video cameras decided to take their dreams of playing Nintendo’s Mario Kart out of the video games and into real life, both with hilarious results. Also, a completely tasteful expose of exactly how many men star at an attractive woman as she passes. Way to be smooth, guys – you’re totally busted. This is how geeks get engaged. Seriously, some people do it in fancy restaurants, other people stage huge events where thousands of people see, and other people do it in the middle of sports events and hope that the person they’re proposing to says yes. This game developer decided the best place to propose to his fiancée (also a game developer at the same company) was in one of their favorite games: Minecraft. This one has been around for a bit, but it’s just now beginning to make the rounds and start trending. The video is a real-life recreation of MC Escher’s Waterfall, complete with the water flowing upstream. Is it real? Is it fake? Some people have suggested the piece was filmed backwards from the way it was shown. Perhaps that’s the secret. Take a look and decide for yourself.  Who takes a go-cart out on the street in live traffic and pretends that Mario Kart is a real game? This guy does. (At least FreddieW and crew kept it on the track!) Dressed from head to toe in a Mario costume, he heads out on the street, dodges cars everywhere from parking lots to what look like major thoroughfares, collects items and tries to use them on the cars around him…something that some of the other drivers (and at least one security guard in a parking lot he cruises through) doesn’t take too kindly to. Stick through it – the end delivers.  Engage! AdChoices广告Waterfall Rear View Girls – Los Angeles You can put this one in the “I’m not sure this isn’t a viral ad for something” category, or you can just call me jaded. In this video, one young, slender, attractive young woman has a hidden camera mounted on the back of her pants to observe exactly how many people stare at her as she passes by. Don’t get me wrong, it’s entertaining, and the number of cuts through the video tells me that the camera was rolling for a long time and these are the best scenes, but I’m a little skeptical. Maybe I’m just subconsciously defensive. Mario Kart is Back (Remi Gaillard) Minecraft: The Last Minecart What’s this? Two Minecraft-related videos in the same YouTube roundup? I couldn’t resist. This one’s a little violent, but to be fair, it’s all simulated, false, pixilated violence, so you don’t have to worry that it’s not right for the kiddies. More importantly, it’s incredibly well done, down to the cardboard costumes and the special effects. In this Minecraft-themed video – that’s right, it’s not in Minecraft, it’s just themed like Minecraft – the last two human survivors fight for freedom in a town that’s been overrun by zombies. Watch their epic struggle for freedom….and for porkchops.last_img

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