Firefox 5 6 and 7 will be released in 2011 as Mozilla

first_imgHistorically, the Mozilla Corporation releases a major new version of their industry-leading Firefox browser about every two year… but in 2011, the release road map is going to undergo a drastic change. How drastic? Although Firefox 4 isn’t even out of beta yet, expect to see Firefox 7 by year’s end. AdChoices广告This is a radical departure, to say the least, but in many ways, in the war of numbers, it makes a lot of sense. Although Firefox 4 is easily competitive, feature-by-feature, with other browsers on the market, the likes of Internet Explorer 9, Opera 11 or Google Chrome 9 seem like they must be superior to Firefox 4. After all, they have bigger numbers attached!The requirement of a product or brand to “fudge the numbers” to appear competitive with the competition is a pretty common occurrence in technology. Consider what Microsoft did with the Xbox 360: even though it’s only a second-generation console, the presence of the “360” number makes the console seem like a third generation console. That’s not an accident: Microsoft was trying to compete with Sony’s PlayStation 3. Even Apple’s jumped a number just to make their product seem more advanced: the second-gen iPhone adopted branding that evoked a third-gen product with the iPhone 3G.2011, then, is Mozilla playing catch-up with the competition, not in features, but in numeric branding. That’s not to say they don’t have real improvements in mind for Firefox 5 through 7, though. Firefox 5, for example, will absorb the Account Manager and F1 Simple Sharing add-ons and become built-in features, as well as add 64-bit Windows 7 support. Firefox 6 will focus on the Web applications framework. As for Firefox 7, it’s not entirely clear what features are in mind, but one thing’s for certain: Mozilla won’t be resting there. 2012 will need to see the release of at least a couple of versions of Firefox to catch up with IE9.Read more at Firefox Roadmap (via Download Squad)last_img

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