The first Chinese business liaison office has been completed town foreman

China’s entrepreneurial environment is getting better and better, we all know, and therefore, people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm is getting higher and higher. Recently, the first Chinese venture factory town was successfully completed in beijing.

2016 in April 6th, the first China business liaison office Beijing Township foreman officially completed, deputy general manager and general manager rob Locke Home Furnishing group chief business platform Ms. Zhang Yuan, rob foreman platform marketing director He Zhengdong to attend and participate in the opening ceremony, Zhang in his speech expressed her expectation of foreman Village Liaison Office the.


it is reported that the China foreman Township Liaison Office will venture to grab the foreman platform as a link, to fully play a pivotal role, provide a mutual exchange, entrepreneurship and networking platform for a strange fellow foreman foreman, strengthen communication between, to promote the exchange of feelings, for more help to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests of the foreman the.

Representatives of the parties on the platform of development planning, grab the foreman foreman culture, political association cooperation mechanism and the foreman township of Chinese New Year gathering and

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