Jiangxi provincial Party Secretary Qiang Wei attended the site will promote public entrepreneurship

innovation and entrepreneurship in 2015 has been effective in the year 2016 is more and more attention, and want to start the business to act! Jiangxi provincial Party Secretary Qiang Wei attended Jiangxi Province Public entrepreneurship peoples innovation site will promote the specific content of a look!

3 22 July, the Jiangxi provincial government held a Jiangxi Province Public entrepreneurship peoples live in Nanchang will promote innovation. Jiangxi provincial Party Secretary Qiang Wei, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, Jiangxi Lu Xinshe longer attended the meeting, deputy secretary of Jiangxi provincial Party committee chaired by Liu Qi. Jiangxi provincial leaders Zhou Zemin, Hong Zhu, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on,, and so on, and so on, and so on, and the leaders of the province, such as, Zhou Meng, and.

according to new hope and "on the three, four adhere to the" General requirements, firmly grasp the innovation of the bid, continue to build a new engine, cultivate new economic growth of new energy, and continue to relax policy, open market and deregulation subject, leading industry, a strong atmosphere to stimulate innovation to innovation and entrepreneurship create a lively situation, do everything possible to seek innovation and entrepreneurial innovation for thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers bravely, entrepreneurship has become the high rise of Jiangxi melody.

Qiang Wei from the industry, enterprises and social secretary three dimensions further expounds the profound connotation of entrepreneurship and innovation of the public, put forward to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation deployment requirements. He stressed:

– innovation is the development of industrial clusters traction "method". Explain the development of industrial cluster in Jiangxi Province, to accelerate the pace of industrial upgrading, the key is to seize this pivotal innovation, promote the development of industrial clusters transformation from extensive type to quality benefit type, change from the low-end to high-end industrial chain, from the traditional factor driven to innovation driven change.

– innovation is the new engine boost enterprises bigger and stronger. To further strengthen the innovation main body status and the leading role of enterprises, promote enterprise innovation policy to tilt, allocation of innovation resources to enterprises, innovative talents to enterprises, so that innovation has become a powerful force to accelerate the development of enterprises.

– innovation is to promote the theme of social progress. To encourage the whole society to participate in innovation and entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship activities to guide the whole society to the Jiangxi provincial key industrial clusters, focusing to the characteristics and advantages of industry force, to play a "Internet plus" multiplier effect, promoting the public record, and actively promote the implementation of the Crowdsourcing, stereo support, development recommendation

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