Smoke Hotel no counter really good

different shops, decoration layout will be different. For the counter, I believe that many traditional shops are now very seriously. However, for some of the new era of shops, but there are some deliberate neglect. Recently, there is a cigarette retail customers and friends in the name of the hotel opening. This famous smoke shop although not large, but the design is reasonable, especially cigarette and wine show no counter, give people a new feeling.

no counter for consumers to create a free experience space. In the face of the counter inside the thing, customers often will have a sense of restraint, no special requirement, generally do not let us out to watch, take one can get second, third I am afraid some feel shy.

cigarette sales focus on experience, to attract more consumers to take the initiative to experience is one of the important objectives of many stores set up experience zone. This store display settings to avoid the counter caused by the constraints and the different brands of cigarettes in the booth, for consumers to play free. If consumers like, you can also experience the area of free goods. If necessary, retail customers will provide relevant advice and services to consumers.

no counter, closer to the retail customers and consumers psychological distance, reducing communication barriers. Across the counter a question and answer mode, will always allow consumers and retail customers there is a psychological distance between. If there is no counter, retail customers is a guide, if necessary, it is convenient to answer the questions raised by consumers at any time.

does not have a counter to facilitate consumers feel the retail customer friendly service. I once saw a consumer who was buying cigarettes and asked the retail customer about the price of other brands of cigarettes. Because there is no counter, retail customers will be invited to sit around their own consumers to browse the price list on the computer, and explain to consumers one by one. This one to one service is obviously more cordial.

so it seems like a shop counter is also a very good choice, will usher in a good development of the store oh. So, if you open a smoke Hotel now, will you spend your energy on the counter? You will also attach great importance to the counter settings?

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