Want to do the electricity supplier to sell high imitation shoes to Putian Anfu electric mall

in the life of a pair of brand-name quality is almost the same, the key is the brand in the market visibility, so the price is very impressive sales, but also attracted a lot of franchisees! Want to do electricity supplier to sell high imitation shoes? Oh, do not look around the black market. In Putian City, Fujian province Anfu electric mall, fake shoes, false invoices, false false mobile phone card, express everything, and "safe": it is a national e-commerce demonstration base. This is the most divisive center of a city. It is 1 kilometers away from Putian municipal government, during the day, night, dark desolate; evoke its vigor, people and vehicles with shoes to and fro, the deal will no longer talk about, which is called "ghost city".

Putian last century for the international famous shoe foundry legacy of technical kindling, to a certain extent, help the fake shoes manufacturing and prosperity. Today, the factory went to the lower the cost of manpower at his office, a large number of employees, the local economy is struggling with the transformation of the dilemma.

in the industrial and commercial, electronic business platform, under the supervision of the ghost city derived its own defensive world. They forged a security code to change the logistics information, and even the establishment of WeChat group, the installation of monitoring, early warning law enforcement officers raid.

63 year old woman showmanship to buy shoes at two in the morning

"morning? We don’t have a morning." After a 95 seller talked about a fake shoes, smiling face. At this time, 1 a.m., 3 hours from his work.

not far from Anfu power mall with the "China" two characters, is to declare its ambition. Official data show that in 2015, the total area of about 800000 square metres of residential, in the 335 listed businesses, the annual turnover of over ten billion yuan, net in over 200 thousand employees, footwear products online sales accounted for at least 20% of the country.

sleep in the morning, afternoon and evening orders, delivery, delivery, unique trading habits spawned a "ghost city": during the day, almost empty; in the evening, the store opened at night, motorcycle, sporadic; van to and fro, sometimes a minute by hundreds of vehicles. Car loading and unloading packaging, printed with Nike and other well-known footwear brands.

but in printing, this "nocturnal" is interpreted as "see the light". Officials did not disclose the proportion of high imitation shoes here.

in electrical mall No. 26 building 7 layer, a yellow man danced to the Chinese Youth Daily · youth online reporters about his "history of struggle". 2013 began to dry, and now, I have a car house, he did not avoid this is a high imitation shoes, and the annual turnover of 4 million yuan, or even a friend last year, double the one day earned $4 million.


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