The most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs

many entrepreneurs have chosen to do business, but there are successes and failures, successful entrepreneurs have their own methods, the failure of entrepreneurs may make some similar mistakes. Entrepreneurs in the business before starting to understand these mistakes and be vigilant, then it may be possible to avoid some detours.

1. think we are right (pit down 30% entrepreneurs)

2. that the user is right (pit down 80% entrepreneurs)

"full   user needs" this had been countless predecessors and the media as a "venture iron law", but it is this point but pit dead countless entrepreneurs. As a product, of course, in the product before you will be able to understand the user needs,  , and then the user needs into product features. This time you have no doubt about to start doing a variety of user surveys, user analysis, user interviews. But the user’s needs really fly it?

For example,

I do a social product, so in batches to get a different user interview.

I asked: we have to do a social product activity based on interest, what do you need?


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