Seasoning ten brands list

China is the most famous one of the food, and cooking Chinese cuisine, naturally also need a variety of spices. In short, in China’s catering market, there are numerous spices products. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of seasoning list, so that people can choose to be more suitable for a good seasoning products.

NO.1 list of ten brands of seasoning, Lee Kum Kee:

Lee Kum Kee founded in 1888, with its strict quality management and strong ability of market development, establish a world-renowned sauce Kingdom rapidly in 70s, selling more than 60 kinds of products, distribution network all over the world on five continents in more than and 80 countries and regions, the real implementation of the "Chinese place is Lee Kum Kee product". Jane with soy sauce, Amoy and eight and said Hongkong four Jiang Yuan family.

NO.2 list of ten brands of seasoning, Haitian:

is the largest professional China Haitian condiment production enterprises, originated from the Qianlong Foshan Jiang Yuan, has been 300 years of history, products include soy sauce, oyster sauce, vinegar, sauce, chicken, MSG, oil, minor flavor and other eight series of more than and 200 varieties and specifications. To October 28, 2005 (a) Haitian seasoning Food Co. Ltd. grand completed, Haitian flavor has yet become the world’s largest Android professional production and marketing enterprises.

NO.3 list of ten brands of seasoning, totole:


glory in Shanghai in January 1989 was completed and put into production in 1996 will be the original factory totole chicken, the brand was renamed "Taitaile", since then, a renowned national brand — "Taitaile condiment" formally entered thousands of households. In 2009, totole Chinese SAIC Trademark Office trademark was identified as "A Well-Known Trademark in China". "Music" has been in the minds of consumers to establish a "high quality, good taste" image in the minds of consumers, become the first brand China condiment.

seasoning ten brands list NO.4, Wang Shouyi, the thirteen incense:

Wang Shouyi thirteen condiment group was founded in 1984 by Mr. Wang Shouyi, is China’s large-scale condiment (halal) production enterprises. Company to Wang Zuzhuanmifang " thirteen Hong " as the foundation, combined with the experience of a hundred years of processing, with advanced production technology for the protection of products and the enterprise has won the "A Well-Known Trademark in China" Chinese brand "" marks of origin of registered products "and" national quality management advanced unit "," national advanced enterprise double double evaluation honor.

NO.5 list of ten brands of seasoning, Kellogg:


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