Portable portable oxygen Market

in the current complex market situation, regardless of what we decide to engage in a business, in fact, need to consider the market. There are a lot of opportunities, that sounds unbelievable, but when the specific implementation, but that is really a great market, business can be very simple. For example, portable canned oxygen, the market demand is very big oh.

a few years ago when the trip to Sichuan, Huanglong, because of the high altitude, many of my colleagues in the mid levels when Zhichibuzhu, in the street to buy a few pieces of portable canned oxygen, a sucking oxygen up, did not pay attention to the price, but some time ago suddenly saw a news, so think of this the products are as follows:

news, now.

and in previous years, the eve of the college entrance examination, oxygen market is active again. Yesterday, reporters from several City pharmacy to know, these days the oxygen generator, oxygen generator hottest selling, buyers are mostly parents. In this regard, experts cautioned that the oxygen can not be tonic, should be when the child needs to suck.

yesterday, the reporter saw at a medical equipment store, oxygen instrument has seven or eight varieties, with oxygen bottles, oxygen bottles, oxygen bag, oxygen making machine, the price from 200 yuan to 600 yuan.

oxygen bottles have become a necessity in some secondary schools. It is understood that a month ago, Chaoyang District more than and 30 schools have acquired a small room for small oxygen bottles, candidates need to prepare. "You don’t have to breathe every day." Beijing health and health medical devices technology company Mr. Yang said.

think carefully, although few have seen sales of canned oxygen, but the market is still there, not to say the pressure of the students (including student athletes, athletes, basketball, soccer and other high physical activity), even white-collar workers also quite necessary.

because people living in the city more and more cement in the forest steppe and yearning for the breath of the sea, in fact, the city is more and more polluted air makes most people often in a state of hypoxia. Classroom hypoxia, shopping malls hypoxia, office hypoxia, coupled with those who travel to the Qinghai Tibet plateau…… Large consumer groups can imagine.

canned oxygen is also called the "portable oxygen" and "small canned oxygen", divided into a variety of fruit flavor. With high oxygen content, small volume, convenient carrying and convenient use is a new green health care products, apply to: sports, mental overdrafts, work pressure, leisure and tourism and other fields, can relieve the fatigue, refreshing, improve work efficiency and learning effectiveness! It is a good companion for students, white-collar workers, athletes, drivers and outdoor sports!

main purpose and scope of application:

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