What are the notes of the Western Restaurant

with the influx of western culture, many people are increasingly concerned about western food. In order to meet the needs of people, China’s cities have emerged in the western restaurant, and the development of good. So how to manage a good western restaurant?

product features

1, West restaurant should serve customers for the purpose, to provide them with high quality Western food service, so that customers can have a very clear and deep impression on Western food, but also to enjoy the spirit.

2, the restaurant must understand the situation of competitors, and compared with the competitor’s products and services on the basis of develop marketing plans and specific programs, in the process of implementing the plan, through a unique product or promote the restaurant management style, establish a distinctive corporate image.

3, West restaurant should develop their own unique products and unique services, in the hands of the competition to establish a higher image of innovation, and learn from their unique characteristics, the quality of service.

4, the main go low price strategy in food, "color", "aroma", "taste" service, and strive to perfect, to give customers maximum enjoyment and psychological satisfaction and consumer price comparison psychology, the similar food conscious tranches, forming the price series, so that consumers can quickly find their habits in grade compare prices, get to buy "meet" to achieve enough benefits.

5, our restaurant is not only a long history, but also rich in variety, has formed a high, medium and low-grade pattern, punching, soaking and steaming, boiling, baking, frying, fried, is all kinds of, but they are years Goods are available in all varieties., faces the same level, the lack of freshness of the consumers in particular, cultural taste is too low, can’t keep up with the trend, therefore, to do enough homework "new" on the basis of the tradition, and enhance its attractiveness.

three, market analysis

The formation of

1, with the Western diet culture into the Chinese market, more and more people began to pay attention to Western food, so it provides a good market prospect.

2, Western food is the developed countries of the diet, the formation of the western food culture, food culture in our country also have an impact.

3, for the development of China’s food culture to provide support to explore.

four, store location

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