What is the name of the lingerie store notice

is a good name for the development of a store will have an impact on what? If not entrepreneurs, I am afraid it is difficult to have a better experience. In fact, as the saying goes: "the name is not correct, then the word is not smooth". A good name of the shop will make the lingerie store promotion more convenient and quick; and a more "vulgar" name, may also become a famous brand, but will expend more promotion power. Good name, which contains some truth behind, or a business story, or a taste.

is mainly women buy underwear, usually buy underwear woman or detailed, to find out the psychology of women to do the lingerie store name best diamond point, or implied, and refined aesthetic point, can let the woman remember the first impression.

lingerie store should pay attention to the name of the three major issues:

first, the words should be short and fine. The company name in the lingerie shop, shop business project name before the name of not more than three words, such as feel love underwear, underwear, underwear and other lady, even more than three words, is not the best form of phrase.

second, follow the rules of language usage. Language has its own rules, in use should pay attention to grasp the following three points:

1, you can create your own name;

2, the lingerie store name choice or word meaning should be clear, can be the general interpretation of


3, according to the rules of grammar to combine words, long collocation can not violate the rules of the word structure, in order to deliberately confuse the words and expressions of the rules of the structure of the hype is not responsible for society;

third, the lingerie store name name and semantic meaning should pay attention to. The core problem is the semantic word naming business. Because Chinese characters are ideographic characters, because the shape is characteristic of its semantic meaning is shown, whether the general words or business name, people have formed the "name" habit, generally do not accept those who had no intention of love can speak words.

since the name of the work is not good, but at the same time the store has such a great influence, therefore, we only have to be more careful, more attention, to be able to let the shop has a better name. So, there are more than the introduction of these small content, and now you know how to give the name of the lingerie store?

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