What is the name of the store

is the name given by the famous person’s name, a name in the local place names, each store is different, the shop name may vary. In short, the name of the shop, but also to play a good name auspicious, good, good, easy to spread, in the fierce market competition today, the importance of a good shop name is self-evident. How to store a good name? The following small series to introduce you, the shop named four cases!

shop named four cases:

a, place names, places of interest, foreign names, serial number plus the sale of goods together named

dumpling Museum, Chongqing, Fort west restaurant, Hot pot shop, Paris Classic Club Club, California beef noodle, the first department store, the third people’s hospital.

two, superior named

such as the ancient emperors ministers, present leaders at all levels given the name inscribed. When the name of the store will get no pleasure, because by the superior authority for business, is a special and practical use for intangible assets.

three, according to the auspicious name

, happy and auspicious, thriving and prosperous family happiness, prosperity, good fortune, happiness and peace, and victory is booming, thriving, harvest, satisfaction, youth, young and beautiful, they can be separated, such as prosperity shops, auspicious credit cooperatives, Ruyi grocery stores, Ping An insurance company etc.. Simple and nice, one can give customers a sense of comfort, encouragement and hope you can shop business dealings, make a lot of money.

four, the name

, create new styles upset

can often spread through the ages, enduring. Such as Tianjin Goubuli full, Beijing Quanjude Roast Duck, is well-known in the world of the time-honored, the country opened many stores, there are a lot of gourmet admiring a sinseong hoe.

shop took what kind of name, for the later development of the store will have no general influence, it is true that the store will be named by many shopkeepers attention. In short, the shop name, great learning. A good name, need to have a good classical foundation, see ancient predecessors of the essence of great benefit. Not only is the name of the other aspects of good.

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