Tencent set up WeChat group is about to pull the curtain

now, WeChat began to be used as a tool for communication. Reporters learned that, according to the Tencent insiders broke the news, the Tencent announced the establishment of WeChat group this month, will be put to pay, "Twitter Life" as the main body of the life, and the lottery team to the electricity supplier to the business group.

however, the mobile Internet business group   (MIG);   in some Tencent inside a thankless task. According to Cheng Lingfeng, on the one hand, the Tencent within each business line and mobile Internet business group   (MIG);   friction and long-standing, has been hoping to regain control of   MIG  mobile business resources; on the other hand, the rise of WeChat   MIG  somewhat embarrassing face because of this, the mobile application within a Tencent’s most powerful, and not in the most resources and experience the birth of   MIG .

after slimming, now only   MIG  mobile phone housekeeper, mobile phone browser, mobile phone street map application treasure "weak business". At the same time, led by   MIG  the senior executive vice president of Tencent Liu Chengmin for personal reasons, announced his retirement, succeeded by chief operating officer Ren Yuxin Liu Chiping, reporting to the president of the Tencent Inc.


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