Brand underwear of chain store location points

brand underwear market is still a lot of real, we can look at the location of these stores, give yourself a reference. If you want to choose a good location, can learn a lot of professional advice, hope can help you get a good location.

Golden Rule: select a city, take lots of

golden rule two: shopping malls or street shop?

first, whether it is selected or shopping street, must do the best. Do shopping to have two core points: 1, your purchase cost (including tax) in less than 60 percent off; the 2, you have the right to speak to the market, do not want to participate in activities do not participate. Of course, you are the nouveau riche before you enter recognize the loss, we do not count. If you do not meet the above two conditions, you want to make money, then choose the street shop.

Golden Rule three: 2 keywords

good location

Golden Rule four: rent and area

Golden Rule five: new values don’t go to

The New District

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