Adorable girl taking micro left school in business successful counter attack

actually is a choice, as there are many college graduates choose employment, some people choose entrepreneurship, in such a rapid development of the Internet era, micro entrepreneurs have become hot up.

"choose the direction of life, ask your own heart, decided to walk forward bravely, don’t be afraid of what kind of difficulties on the road to stay put, boldly go its own way closer to happiness." This is after 90 micro providers Song Nan to give up their studies, the transformation of micro business to do their own incentives.

derivative of the first month of     net 20 thousand

2014, after graduating from school, Song Nan, her parents think she is still not suitable for young age to find a job, decided to continue her studies, so she sent to Shanghai to learn business english. At that time the Song Nan heart’s goal is to take the BEC to work in a foreign company after a nine to five urban female white-collar workers.

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