Yindajihuang xiganqu canal proposal approved

Recently, the provincial yindajihuang xiganqu canal project proposal won the national development and Reform Commission officially approved. The main task of economic engineering is the water supply to the West Main Canal Huang Gan River Industrial Park and West Main Canal Irrigation District of Xining city. The project proposal is approved, marking the project preparatory work has made a breakthrough, laid a solid foundation for the next phase of work, after the implementation of the project, for the Gan River Industrial Park and Huangzhong County town and dopa in Datong and Huangzhong counties in some areas to provide more sufficient industrial and domestic water and agricultural irrigation.

is one of the leading west channel big economic backbone project Huangshui, project plan from the Heiquan reservoir water diversion to the west by West Nachuan Nachuan, regulating reservoir, through cross the Huangshui River inverted siphon water diversion to the Gan River Industrial park. The engineering design of irrigation area of 300 thousand and 500 acres, the main construction contents include trunk, branch canal, the canal is about 131.2 kilometers long, arranged along the branch 29, 280.97 km long. After the completion of the project, the average annual water supply of 173 million cubic meters. Project is expected to total duration of 60 months. Static total investment of 4 billion 320 million yuan.

according to the approval requirements, the provincial development and Reform Commission to coordinate the relevant units, and actively carry out water-saving and water engineering prediction, location and route selection, project construction and management system reform, project investment and financing mechanism and other aspects of the work, pay for the land, the EIA and other pre conditions, and strive to yindajihuang West canal project the feasibility report soon approved, for engineering construction to create conditions.


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